Our History & Constitution

The Society was founded by organist, Dr William Baird Ross in 1939.

The SDSO approved its revised constitution at the AGM in St Catharine’s Church, Bo’ness on Saturday, 19th May 2018. This constitution can be read below:


1 The name of the Society shall be:

“The Stirling and District Society of Organists”

2 The objects of the Society shall be to advance the education of the public in the study of the art of music with special reference to liturgical and organ music. To facilitate the achievement of such objects, the Society may arrange and present:
i Public lectures, discussions and debates on this subject
ii Public demonstrations of instruments
iii Public demonstrations of music for organ and voices.
iv Open competitions for playing, singing and composition of liturgical and organ music
v Public meetings to facilitate the exchange of information and views with other organisations and persons concerned with the composition, interpretation, present­ation, teaching or publication of litur­gical or organ music.


Advice to performers, teachers, students, clergy or other members of the public on any matters concerned with the improvement of standards of compos­ition or performance of liturgical or organ music
vii The Society may also do such other lawful things as are necessary or desirable for the attainment of the objects


Membership of the Society shall be open without restriction to any member of the public who is interested in the organ, choral or any other kind of music.

Membership shall become effective on payment of the first year’s annual subscrip­tion.


The proceedings of the Society shall be open to members of the public (not being members of the Society) on payment of such fee as the Society shall from time to time determine.


The membership of the Society shall consist of Members as defined in (3) above. Honorary Life Members and Student Members. Honorary Life Membership shall be conferred upon:

·         Individuals prominent in music, the arts or another related field

·         Distinguished members of the Society

These shall be elected by the Members and shall pay no subscription.

Student members shall be persons under the age of eighteen or who are undergoing full – time education. These shall pay a reduced rate of subscription.


Application for Membership and Student Mem­bership shall be made in writing and electronically to the Treasurer who shall accept the application and report it to the committee.


The Society may at its Annual General Meeting elect an Honorary President whose term will not exceed four years, and one or more Honorary Vice-Presidents whose terms will also not exceed four years.


The Management of the Society shall be vested in a Committee consisting of

·         President

·         Vice-President

·         Sec­retary

·         Treasurer

·         Im­mediate Past-President

·         Three Elect­ed Members.

The President and Vice-President shall be elected for a term of two years and shall not be eligible for immediate re-election.

The Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected annually and shall be eligible for re-election.

Elected members of the committee shall hold office for three years, one member retiring every year, the same not being eligible for re-election until after the expiry of one year thereafter.

If any office-bearer or member of Committee should resign during his / her term of office the member co-opted in his or her place shall hold office only for the unexpired period of office, but shall be immediately eligible for election if he or she has served for not longer than one year.


The income or property of the Society shall be applied to the promotion of the objects in clause 2 and no payment or transfer of any part of such income or property shall be made to or for the benefit of any member of the Society. Provided that nothing shall prohibit any payment in good faith by the Society of reasonable and proper remuneration of any member of the society not being a member of the Committee for any services rendered to the Society, or to any of its Officers out of pocket expenses.


If upon the winding up or dissolution of the Society, there remains after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities any property what­soever the same shall not be paid to nor dis­tributed among the members of the Society, but shall be given or transferred to the Incorporated Association of Organists.


No alteration of the Constitution and Rules shall be made except at the Annual General Meeting or at a special General Meeting called for the purpose.

Notice of any proposed alter­ation shall be given in writing to the Secretary at least twenty-eight days before the date of the said meeting and the Secretary shall notify members of the proposal at least fourteen days before the date of the said meeting.

Such alter­ation shall only be adopted if carried out by at least two-thirds of the members present. No alteration shall be made which would cause the Society to cease to be a charity at law.


Any member of the Society is entitled to demand and receive a copy of its Constitution and Rules.


1 Admission to Membership and Student Member­ship shall be controlled by the Committee.
2 The financial year shall end on 31st December each year.


Members shall pay an annual subscription. Stud­ent members a reduced annual subscription.

The amounts payable each year shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting.

The annual subscription shall become due at the Annual General Meeting in May. Members who, having been reminded, have not paid it by the 30th November of that year shall be deemed to have resigned.


The Society shall normally meet on the third Saturday of each month from October to May. Special meetings or outings may be arranged at the discretion of the Committee.
5 Where the Society’s events / meetings require payment in advance, members must submit the appropriate monies as directed.


The Committee shall meet from time to time as required: three shall form a quorum. In the event of a tied vote the Chairperson shall be en­titled to exercise a casting vote, in addition to his / her deliberative vote.


The Committee shall have power to fill any vacancy in its number by co-option. A member of Committee absent from three consecutive committee meetings without good cause shall cease to be a member of Committee, and the Secretary shall so inform him / her


The Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held in May of each year. A report shall be submitted by the Secretary, and an audited state­ment of accounts by the Treasurer. Office ­bearers for the following session shall be appoint­ed and any other competent business shall be transacted.


The President shall take the Chair at all meet­ings of the Society. In his / her absence the Vice-President shall take the Chair. If both are absent, the meeting shall elect a Chairperson.


At an ordinary or Special Meeting of the Society a vote may not be taken on any subject which does not appear on the agenda. A special meet­ing of the Society shall be called on notice of motion being given to the Secretary in writing by not less than ten members.
11 The Society will adhere to data protection regulations

Adopted at Annual General Meeting held on Saturday, 19th May 2018 at St Catharine’s Episcopal Church, Bo’ness.